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Founded with a vision to redefine living spaces, ASK Properties has evolved into a trusted name, a testament to our dedication to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Every project is a reflection of our passion for creating spaces that transcend mere structures – they are meticulously designed havens where families flourish and dreams take root.

At the heart of our ethos is a deep understanding of Vizag’s unique charm. We pride ourselves on not just building homes but curating experiences. Our projects are strategically located to offer not just a residence but a lifestyle, with easy access to amenities, educational institutions, and the vibrant pulse of the city.

What sets ASK Properties apart is not just the bricks and mortar but the people who breathe life into our vision. Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience, dedicated to turning aspirations into reality. From architects who envision the future to skilled craftsmen who bring designs to life, we are a collective force committed to excellence.

Join us on a journey where every square foot is a canvas of possibility, and every brick is laid with precision and purpose. ASK Properties invites you to be part of a community that values not just where you live but how you live. Your dream home in the heart of Vizag awaits – welcome to a world where every detail is crafted for you, and every moment is an experience worth savoring.

Discover the ASK Properties difference – where excellence meets emotion, and your home is our heartfelt commitment.


Avinash Palo

Managing Partner

Sirisha Duvvuri

Managing Partner

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